Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nine Days.

In nine days, I will have completed my sugar free year.

I'm so sorry for giving up on the blog halfway through! I ran out of time and things to talk about (mostly things to talk about), but for those who are interested, my giving up on the blog does not mean I gave up on my sugar free year.

Throughout the part of the year that I didn't document, I had a handful of sugar snafus (in which I ate sugar without realizing it). I also purposely ate sugar at my cousin Frankie's wedding in October -- less than a forkful of frosting from his wedding cake. I know what you're thinking: "HYPOCRITE!" Maybe. But you'd've done it, too, had your cousin's wedding cake been made by the Cake Boss!

One other time, I split an entire can of sour cream and onion Pringles with my best friend, though I knew full well that the sour cream and onion coating contained maltodextrin (aka sugar).

And twice -- though I by no means condone artificial sweeteners -- I had dessert that was sweetened with sugar substitutes (banana pudding once, and banana cake another time. What a coincidence!).

But, over all, I consider my sugar free year a success.

I learned that life is, in fact, possible without dessert. I KNEW IT. And then, I proved it. At the start, I got a little flack about it: "Why do that to yourself? Why voluntarily suffer?" Believe it or not, foregoing traditional dessert (all but thrice, really) wasn't all that bad. While it was occasionally mildly difficult to watch other people eat dessert that I know I'd enjoy, it was by no means torture. And most of the time, I barely noticed let alone felt bothered by it.

Additionally, while I have no proof of it, I also think my memory improved in conjuction with my quitting sugar.

As for the future, I don't think I'll host a sugar party on New Year's Day or anything like that. While it'll be nice to feel free to eat a piece of cake, I really have no desire to eat a piece of cake. I will likely continue to be mostly sugar free even after my sugar free year ends.


  1. Your cousin's cake was made by the Cake Boss? The guy on TLC? Buddy?!


  2. Did it cost more to eat sugar free?