Thursday, December 17, 2009

If I can go to a party and not eat dessert...

...I can so go "sugarless" for a year. Sim-ple.

But back to that in a moment. This afternoon at work, post-chicken 'n' dumplings soup, unsweetened applesauce and leftover popcorn, hunger came-a-callin'. Though it pains me to put three whole quarters into a vending machine, I gave in and got some pretzels when I knew I wouldn't be able to wait until after work for more food. (And a colleague brought in cookies again. Today, I stayed strong!)

I can tell already that when I officially subtract sweetened snacks from what I can eat, I'm going to go hungry. So in effort to avoid feeling so starved that I fall into sugary sin, I'm going to have to stock my desks with snacks appropriate for a sugar free year. Before the first of the year, I'll post a list of rules about what I can and cannot eat (and I'm sure throughout the year, I'll find a few food items I'll have to research before deciding). But for now, I feel compelled to clarify: when I say I'm going sugarless, I definitely don't mean I'll eat sweet things if they have fake sugar in them. What I mean is that I am essentially actually giving up desserts. No more pie (I'll miss you, pumpkin!). Cake. Ice cream. Pastries (I might have one more canoli before New Year's Day.). Most juice will be out of the question (but I might be able to find something that's naturally sweet at a health food store). So Jello pudding? No, thanks. But unsweetened applesauce? Yes, please.

Anyway, I'm glad I went for the pretzels. They held me over until a party after work, where -- after salad and chili -- I stared a cheesecake in the face and didn't even feel tempted.

Day -15: Boomshockalocka!


  1. Arleen - if you like OJ, Simple Orange is a DELICIOUS 100% juice, so only the natural sugars from the orange itself. There is also Simple Apple and Simple Lime - all without sugar added. I don't know if this will work with your plan, but it's something to look into!

  2. Ooo, thank you! I may look into that! I'm actually not a very big juice drinker, but to work a little sugar in here and there, I may need to take that route.