Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lord, beer me strength!

One minute, I'm sorting press releases. The next, I am being taunted. I so didn't see this coming.

From afar, I heard the door click shut and shoes shatter the silence in the hall that leads to the newsroom (10 points for alliteration). A colleague of mine walked in and up to the empty desk a mere three seats from mine. In his arms, he cradled my worst workday nightmare:

a freakin' birthday cake.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking over my shoulder in three minute intervals to gaze upon it longingly. I watched another colleague cut herself a slice. I can't smell its deliciocity in my nose, but I can smell it in my heart. I can taste the buttercream. I can't tell from here what it's filled with, but in my imagination, it's cannoli filling.

Lord, beer me strength!

For my sugar free year -- for the record -- this is such a first. And with approximately several hundred days left, it won't be the last.


  1. The best cakes are baked with an ingredient more potent, more alluring, and much more life-enhancing than what is simply just sugar. The skillful baker bakes a cake with their very own heart and soul. Sugar is an ingredient that garnishes the sentimentality of even the most unforgettable occassions and gives some of our life's most precious moments that sense of body with which we enjoy events that we may never forget.

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