Sunday, January 24, 2010

A vending machine MIRACLE.

So last Tuesday night, I'm in class when I realize I am starving.

Tuesdays are odd, schedule-wise, in that I go from work to school, where I arrive early to read before class. I always end up eating an early dinner, and I also always end up in class when I'd normally be eating dinner. And to make up for that, I try to bring a snack.

Well Tuesday, I should have tried harder. But snackless and hungry, I held it together until class ended. On my way to my car, I passed... the vending machine. Basically, I've lived under the impression that in 2010, snack vending machines are entirely off limits. How can I know if what I get is sans sugar? And how many quarters am I really willing to sacrifice to find out?

I was hungry enough, it turns out, to sacrifice $1.75.

The dollar was a wrinkly bill. (And I apologize to all the hungry people who probably lost dollars after I did since mine jammed the machine and I didn't get to buy anything with it.)

The 75 cents got me a bag of Cheez-Its. Entirely committed to putting them back into the vending machine for the next lucky snacker to find in the event they included sugar, I flipped to the back of the bag to read.

Friends, Cheez-Its do not have sugar.

Do not take this lightly. It was a vending machine miracle!

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