Sunday, February 21, 2010

Label happy.

Since learning about sugar's several names, I've gotten a little label happy. I read labels like my life depends on it (and in some ways, it's starting to seem like that's possible).

Even when I have no plans to consume what's inside the box, bag or container, I find it all really interesting. For instance: Friday night, while some family members sat around the kitchen table sipping coffee, I read the back of their powdered, non-dairy -- I repeat, non-dairy -- creamer container.

Among the ingredients? Milk.

Who do these people think we are? And how much longer are we going to take it? If I'm starting to sound like a renegade eater, ready to forsake convenience for the sake of my health, it's because I'm probably on the verge of becoming one.

The more I look into what we are being fed (both literally and not-so-literally), the more inspired I am to steer clear of the standard American diet. And the easier my sugar free year starts to feel.

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