Saturday, February 6, 2010

I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

WARNING: Some of the following might be TMI for those who have vivid imaginations. But suck it up. You can handle it!

Wow it's been forever. My apologies for keeping you out of the loop! What's kept me from blogging was horrid. If I had enemies, I wouldn't wish it on them. And it forced me to put my sugar free year on pause. Time to disclose!

On a recent Monday, I spent all day trying to study for the class I'd have that night. But, friends, it just wasn't happening. I had less than no appetite, so I barely ate a bowl of soup and for the entire day, that's all. When I'd read, I'd fall asleep. When I'd sit up, I'd feel weak. When I'd walk, I'd get dizzy. And when four o'clock rolled around, I ignored it all and headed off to school. (So studious!)

By the time I got there (it takes an hour one way), I could barely hold my head up. My skin hurt. My joints ached. I experienced eye socket sensitivity. (Crazy!) And as long as my eyes were open, I was woozy. Class clearly wasn't going to work out for me. So half way into it, when the the prof gave us our ten minute break, I told him, in other words, that I might be dying so I needed to go home.

Somehow, undoubtedly by the grace of God, I made it home without stopping to spew. But what followed was horrible. Dizziness. Weakness. Couldn't keep food or liquids up (or down). (Is that TMI?) Dehydration. Delirium from the fever that fought the sickness. (That part was funny.) I didn't go back to school at all that week, and I didn't go back to work until Friday. And all I ate --- confessions! --- was Jello, and all I drank was Gatorade. Clearly, friends, these items broke my rules. But my mom made me do it (in effort to avoid extreme dehydration). I complied.

But by Friday of that week -- when I could finally keep food both up and down -- I began, once again, eating real food and ever since, all of it's been sans sugar.

Coming soon: what to do when you can't eat sugar that doesn't naturally occur but you are craving sweets! I found the ultimate solution. Stay tuned!

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