Saturday, February 20, 2010

Study snacks.

I should be studying.

In fact, I should have been studying all day, when instead, I surfed the Web, braided my hair, watched three Lifetime movies and caught up on my Google Reader. (In my defense, my uterus hurts and this is what I do when my uterus hurts.) (Is that TMI?)

Now that night has rolled around, I managed to get myself to turn off the TV and my flash cards, text book and notes are a few feet away. Still, something is missing.

Study snacks.

I like to crunch while I cram. Whenever I study, I get the munchies. But during my sugar free year, I am having the hardest time finding easy snacks. So far, popcorn is all that really qualifies. And as mesmerizing as it is to stand dangerously close to the microwave to watch the miracle of popcorn unfold with the bag that holds it, it's getting kind of old.

There's always the concoction -- bananas, walnuts and honey -- or, as I discovered this weekend, a spoonful of all natural peanut butter (ingredients: peanuts and salt. I love it!) plus honey. But... is there anything else?

I am open to ideas.


  1. Fruit! More specifically, cherries! They're sweet enough to squash the sugar cravings, I think.

    Also--I love watching popcorn pop. For real. It's hypnotic. :-)

  2. Yes, please! I love cherries. Great idea!

    And oh, snap. Watching the popcorn pop is to me what watching the space shuttle launch up close is to a little kid who is obsessed with astronomy. Or something. I love it a little too much. lol.